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Live Music Every Night at Callahan Lodge for your enjoyment.

Come on up to Mount Ashland, Oregon, U.S.A. to enjoy the wonderful live music performed every evening from 6 – 9 PM to accompany your meal and lodging experience. 

If it gets late, stay the night!

Featured Musicians: 

Monday & Tuesday – Michael Kemp

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday – John Hollis

Saturday & Sunday – Lee Stewart



Guest Musicians: 

Dayton Mason

Tim Church

Rags Rosenberg


Remember to support your local artists with tips and by purchasing their albums and books.

Thank you for choosing Callahan’s for your pleasurable evening out.  

Come and stay with us! 

And remember, we serve food until 9 most nights.

Please call the front desk if you have any special needs or requirements. The more time you give us, the easier for our staff to accommodate your requests.

Some of our musician’s CDs are available for purchase in our gift shop.


AAA discounts available

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