Steelhead at Callahan’s Mountain Restaurant

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Visit Callahan’s restaurant to taste our signature dish – our in-house smoked steelhead trout. It’s amazing. Our steelhead is good for meat-eaters, non-fish eaters and lovers of food.

What is steelhead?

First, steelhead is not salmon. Steelhead trout is a name given to coastal rainbow trout and/or red-band trout. Steelhead are native to freshwater and ocean environments across North America. The freshwater form of steelhead is the rainbow trout. The difference between these forms of the species is that steelhead migrate to the ocean and return to freshwater tributaries to spawn, whereas rainbow trout do not leave freshwater. Steelhead are also larger and less colorful than rainbow trout. They can live up to 11 years and spawn multiple times. This silver color and round head give the steelhead its name.

Our fish is Columbia River Steelhead, white oak grilled.

Depending on the time, we can serve this amazing fish in a variety of ways:

Steelhead Benedict


Steelhead sandwich

Steelhead pasta

and our Steelhead platter

Come on up to Mount Ashland to try them all and let us know which one you enjoy the most.


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