Mountain Water

Fresh mountain spring water is a wonderful option and all we serve at Callahan’s Restaurant.

What Is Mountain Spring Water?

Mountain spring water is sourced from underground aquifers where it has been collecting for years after trickling down various mountains in the area. Originating from rain and snow, the water is collected when it reaches the surface and forms as natural springs along hillsides and in valleys.

Natural Importance of Spring Water

The human body is designed to drink natural water with minerals. Since most people do not live near natural springs, you have the benefit of having Callahan’s Lodge and Restaurant in your backyard where you can get copious amounts of our fresh mountain water while you dine in our restaurant. And you can breathe in the fresh air as well.

Properties of Spring Water

  • mountain spring water is sourced from natural springs It is treated with UV lights.
  • Clean spring water has a refreshing taste
  • It can contain natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium to contribute to your health.
  • Is naturally alkaline

Possible Benefits of Mountain Water

  • Improving your skin health.
  • Can contribute to glowing complexion.
  • Studies have found that drinking natural spring water contributes to the maintenance of healthy body weight.
  • Springwater can assist with digestion and metabolism.
  • It can assist with the absorption of nutrients.
  • Some studies demonstrate a reduction in joint and muscle inflammation.
  • Might assist with the circulation system.
  • detoxification of your body.

Spring Water is ‘Alive’

Since spring water is flowing water due to the force of gravity, it is referred to as ‘alive’. It is considered to provide vital energy required for the human body. It helps in re-charging your body in a wide range of ways.

Come on up and give it a try.

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