Weddings at Callahan’s Mountain Lodge

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Full Service Weddings & Receptions for up to 250 Guests

Embraced by the magnificent scenery of the Siskiyou Mountains in an Alpine tree-lined canyon, Callahan’s unique Southern Oregon location offers full service wedding, reception and lodging hospitality for bridal parties. With full service dining, two banquet rooms, a spacious outdoor dining deck and an expansive lawn featuring a waterfall, Callahan’s mountainside location is the kind of place you, your friends and family will love.


Inside the Lodge… Theatre-style seating to accommodate a 200-person wedding party; and seated-dining for 125.

On the Deck… Outdoor seating and panoramic mountainside views for 160 guests.

On the Lawn… More than 12,000 square feet of lush lawn, highlighted by a bubbling waterfall. Accommodates up to 250 guests.

Outdoor Season: Late May through Early October

We welcome the opportunity to give you a tour of this very special place, to showcase how we can create your ideal wedding experience. Based on your vision and budget, you can depend on us for exceptional flexibility, value, and quality of service.

Download a copy of our event brochure and menu for more information.


Venue Fee

The Venue Fee is determined by the number of guests, furnishings needed and duration of the event. Pricing is also based on when the event will occur: the month of the year, day of the week and time of day. Special pricing may be offered when planning your wedding, reception, or other event on off-peak dates.
*Peak Dates are typically on Saturdays, June-September and some holidays.

Events held on the dining deck and lawn must conclude by 9 pm, in respect to other lodge guests, unless all nineteen rooms are reserved by event guests. Exceptions may apply.

The Venue Fee for a wedding and reception includes:

  • Four hours of use beginning one hour before the ceremony*
    (*Each additional hour – $375.00)
  • Reservation and use of ceremony and reception locations, both outside and inside in case of inclement weather
  • Setup and Cleanup
  • Tables and Chairs
  • White Tablecloths and Napkins
  • China, Utensils, Glassware
  • Complimentary Cake Cutting
  • Feature Tables: Head Table, Gift, Sign in, DJ, Buffet, and Wedding Cake Table
  • Service Staff Support throughout the Event
  • A Rehearsal the Afternoon prior to the Wedding Day

The Venue Fee for business meetings and parties with meal services includes furnishings, setup, cleanup, complimentary cake cutting, feature tables and service staff support throughout the event. Audio visual equipment is available.

Menu Service

Menu prices vary based on the type of service (buffet or plated), the number of courses and the cost of the selections. Extensive event menu options are available on request. There is no tax on food and beverage service.

The host accepts responsibility for decreased food quality if the meal service begins later than the time requested.

Alcohol Service Guidelines

Bar Services (wine, beer cocktails, champagne) may be “hosted” (paid by the planner) or “non-host” (paid by guests).

Persons under age 21 will not be served and may not consume alcoholic beverages. Valid ID is required. Anyone under the age of 21 found consuming alcohol will be asked to immediately leave the event and the premises.

Visibly intoxicated guests will not be served and their drink will be removed. If that person continues drinking, they will be asked to leave the event and the premises immediately.

The entire Callahan’s property is a licensed alcohol service area. Alcohol not purchased from Callahan’s is only allowed in hotel rooms and can only be consumed inside a hotel room. Prohibited open containers or drinks will be confiscated immediately as required by law.

If any visibly intoxicated person is observed attempting to drive, we will attempt to stop them by asking for the keys. If the person persists, we will alert the police as required by law.


Lodging rates always include tax.

Decorations, Use, and Access to Event Spaces

Callahan’s agrees to have all tables completely set 1 hour prior to the wedding ceremony. If the client requires this to be completed earlier, an additional fee will be incurred at $350/hour or increment thereof.

Decorating for the wedding ceremony and reception should be arranged with Callahan’s Lodge site coordinator. Vendors may not begin set-up more than two hours prior to the scheduled event start time or interrupt the normal operation of the lodge. If special arrangements are needed, please speak with your site coordinator.

Callahan’s Lodge allows most non-permanent decorations. However, glitter, confetti, synthetic flower petals, popcorn, rice, and birdseed may not be used on the premises for any purpose. The use of these items will result in a damage charge assessment. If guest rooms or common areas are left excessively littered or dirty, additional cleaning charges will be assessed.

Weather Contingency

Inclement weather conditions may preclude having the wedding and reception outside. To guarantee the success of the outdoor setting, it is strongly recommended that you rent a tent. Callahan’s Lodge provides an alternative set-up for the wedding and reception in the Banquet Room if necessary. The final determination for the setting must be made 24 hours before the time of the wedding.

When planning events like this, please remember to purchase Travelers Insurance.

Use of Common Areas

The client agrees to have guests vacate the designated event space at the designated time.

Client Responsibility

The client agrees to accept responsibility for the conduct of event guests. Event guests may not occupy areas other than those designated for the event except when passing through common areas. Food not purchased through Callahan’s may only be consumed inside of guest rooms. It is the client’s responsibility to inform guests of these guidelines.

Our terms of use and policies

Optional Services

Oak Dance Floor Rental & Setup
12X12 for 36 dancers: $175.00
15X15 for 56 dancers: $250.00
18X18 for 81 dancers: $342.00
21X24 for 126 dancers: $476.00
Plywood underlayment for dance floor set-up on the yard: $300.00

Callahan’s Lodge provides an extensive selection of linen colors and chair sashes to choose from. Prices vary based on color and fabric selection.

Dedicated Bar Service
A satellite bar and bartender for event guests are provided for $200, for four hours, and for $50 each additional hour.

Visit Wally’s Bar.

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