Accepting PCT Package Policies

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We accept re-supply packages for a mere $5. On the box, just write:

“Hiker” and “Your Name”
c/o Callahan’s Lodge
7100 Old Highway 99 South
Ashland, OR 97520

* Please write your approximate ETA on the front of the box.

* Please put a contact number on the box so we can call you in case a month has passed by.


When you arrive, collect your package at the lodge front desk, which is open every day between 8 am and about 8 pm.

If “something comes up” and you are unable to pick up your package, you are responsible to tell us in writing so we have a record of your change of plans. Let us know if you are changing your arrival date or if you require the pack be returned to you. You can write us via email or direct mail.



Here are some ways we can return this package to you:

1)  USPS or another postal service

Call the front desk and give them your credit card number so we can purchase postage to have it returned to you.

If possible, use a priority flat rate box provided by the USPS. They should “return to sender,” unopened boxes, at no additional cost to you or us. (Please confirm this with the USPS because policies change.)

Have USPS or another service pick up the package at Callahan’s Lodge on your behalf.

2)  Arrange for a friend or family member to pick up the package for you. This person must have a note from you and we must be notified by you with the name of the person, a description, and a date. If possible, give us your phone number so we can call you and verify that this person is affiliated with you.

3)  We suggest you put a labeled box in the box with a return address and postage on it for us to use to return your items to you. Use a priority flat rate box provided by the USPS. They’ll “return to sender,” unopened, at no additional cost to you or us.

Boxes Not Picked Up

Due to our limited storage, we can only hold boxes for 1 month, unless you notify us of any changes in a written format like an email or letter.

If there is a phone number on the box, we will try to give you a call to check in with you, however, you are responsible for contacting us.

If there is no contact number, we cannot reach you, or we have not received a written notice from you, we will assume you are not coming and will donate the boxes.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause. We do our best to honor this agreement, however we cannot store boxes here for over a month. We appreciate your understanding.


We recommend getting some kind of “renters insurance” or “package insurance” to cover any losses.

Some travel insurance might cover these losses or damages.

For your own safety, look into evacuation insurance like DAN.

Please do your own research on the best solutions for your situation.


Please have a safe and adventurous trip. We hope to see you soon.

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