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Everyone benefits

While travel insurance cannot prevent mishaps from occurring, it can reduce the burden of unexpected expenses and additional travel arrangements that need to be taken care of with very little notice. Travel insurance plans seek to provide you with the peace of mind if a delay, cancellation, natural disaster or terrorist event impact your plans.

4 Reasons Why Travel Insurance is Worth It

  1. Protect the cost of your trip if you have a travel delay or need cancellation.
  2. Offset added expenses due to a travel delay or lost, delayed or damaged luggage.
  3. Protect from expensive medical bills in case you are injured or become ill while traveling abroad.
  4. Protects the businesses that you booked the travel with.

In some cases, Medical insurance, homeowner’s insurance or your credit card membership may give you some protection against injuries and losses. A comprehensive travel insurance plan supplements those benefits with secondary coverage that can offer additional protection.

Knowing what travel insurance is intended to do – and what it’s not – can help answer some of the most fundamental questions you may have about purchasing a travel insurance plan for your next trip.

Protect yourself, your friends, your family and other businesses by purchasing travel insurance when you plan on an extended adventure, trip, or vacation. Everyone benefits.


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Tip: Some hunting/fishing licenses provide evacuation insurance so check with the states that you are visiting.

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